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about lulu’s


Lulu’s Bread & Bagels opened it’s doors in 2005. The goal of the bakery was, and still is, to offer Fairbanks, Alaska the best in artisan breads, bagels and pastries.

The two owners, Julie Guth-Schwab and Tamara Rose wanted to bring to the Interior, a place to gather, and a place with real food, food that is made from quality ingredients and baked locally. They also wanted to bring their favorites foods, especially artisan breads, those that are hand shaped and use time and natural cultures to rise and develop their superior nutrition, flavors and textures.

The community and employees are also priorities of the bakery. Both are valued and integral to the bakery’s mission.

Finally, who is Lulu? Lulu is a mutt, a black and tan dog with a huge amount of character and sense of optimistic abandon.